Food Additives

Ammonium Chloride

Item Description

CAS : 12125-02-9

Structure Formula : ClH4N

EINECS : 235-186-4

Grade: 99.5%min 

The feed additive ammonium chloride is refined by purifying, removing impurities, removing sulfur ions, arsenic and other heavy metal ions, adding iron, calcium, zinc and other trace elements needed by animals. It has the function of preventing diseases and promoting growth. It can effectively supplement protein nutrition. Through a series of biochemical reactions, nitrogen in ammonium chloride can synthesize microbial nitrogen acids from nonprotein nitrogen, and then synthesize microbial protein, so as to save feed protein. In foreign countries, ammonium chloride was added to the feed of cattle, sheep and other animals as non protein nitrogen of ammonium salt, but the addition amount was strictly limited. Compared with urea, which has the highest nitrogen content in nature, ammonium chloride has its unique advantages. Due to the bitter taste of urea, it is difficult to feed directly, but ammonium chloride does not exist. Ammonium chloride is salty and easy for animals to accept. Besides being added to ruminant feed as non protein nitrogen, ammonium chloride is also widely used in veterinary medicine.


Analysis item

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Test results

Ammonium chloride (NH4CL) content



Burning residue



Ph (200g/L solution, 25 ºC)



Moisture content %



Iron content %



Content of heavy metals (in Pb) %



Sulfate(inSO4)content %



Water points out the test results of the factory, users have special requirements for water can be negotiated and solved

25 kg/bag or Ton package